We are committed to helping our client's leverage technology to expand their internet presence, create new business channels, and build targeted online communities to increase revenue and profits.

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Getting Started on a new Internet Business

What do I need to get started?
If you have a solid business plan and a vision on how the web will build on that plan we want to help you with your strategy. If you are a web newbie, we will walk you through the steps on a website build. If you have previous experiences you will find our project tools very helpful in pulling together the overall plan. Request a strategy discussion to get started on a plan to create your internet vision today.

Internet Value Centric

OC SiteMasters is committed to providing the greatest value in Internet solutions at a manageable price. We view our clients as business partners because our business growth depends on our clients' success.

Therefore, we take the time to first understand your business model and strategy before we recommend or develop a solution. Client education is an essential component of our working process, which enables you to be smarter about Internet applications and the choices available.

With our expertise, variety of proven solutions, and superior customer service, we aim to be the web services partner that you can trust to deliver the best the Internet has to offer well into the future.

Solution Overview


The Mesmerizing BadlandsWeb Design:
Working with the most versatile graphic designers and web architects in the business, we create an overall site design that showcases your company and delivers your key messages.

Our designs are artistically attractive and functionally engaging to get your mission and message across to customers.


balloonsSearch Engine Optimization SEO The practice of search engine optimization is both an art and a science. We do search engine optimization through out the life cycle of a website project, so that the site is optimally positioned before it goes live. We will work with you to defined your Search Engine Marketing SEM strategies and build a plan to monitor your Performance Analytics


Forrest Gump RoadConsulting:
These days, there are so many options with regard to an Internet strategy, and more tools than ever to use when creating and marketing a website. We're here to help. If you need a temporary staff augmentation to assist with Internet and website operations, we have qualified people who can serve in this role.


Chicago Skyline reflected in the beanHosting:
Through our reputable and secure partners, we offer a wide variety of website and email hosting plans to fit any budget.

We offer monthly and annual maintenance plans for clients who may want to make changes to the website's architecture or content on an on-demand basis. Contact us for more information.