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Business Hands for Twitter

Twitter Announced today a new way of refining your Tweets. You can know zero in on who what when where and limit your audience and who can respond and see your tweets! Great new for those who want to use the tool but do not want it to go into a public view.

In the coming years having the ability to limit the audience on the web will become much more popular as many people are discovering being seen by all is not needed in every situation you want to have a website. It adds hours to the day, with added maintenance that many business owners don’t have the time. We find our clients are very overloaded with tasks and adding more attention to something is just not available. That is why we introduced the services of OCSiTEMASTERS for help with those tasks and gain an understanding of how to tackle Reputation Online Management (ROM).

BEST SEO Tools for WordPress

Recently we have been refining our tool base and have been on a quest for SEO products we can use to help clients. We have evaluated several content tools that are added as Plugins.

We noticed most available Plugins from WordPress are offered as both a free use version and then an upgraded super version. I was using Drupal for the last 10 years and the community my charge for a sophisticated theme but rarely the modules were fee-based.

WordPress statistical adoption numbers are fantastic and recently it was noted that WP comprising 25% of the CMS Content Management Systems used by the websites in cyberspace. That’s not bad for an engine they sparked from a BLOG platform.

What are the top SEO platforms for WordPress?







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We provide a no cost reputation cybertrack alert report


In the initial stages of the discovery process OC SiTEMASTERS will create a full project plan to meet and exceed project timelines.  Below is a basic timeline used for our projects:

Discover 1 week

Design Process: 1-2 weeks

Design Integration: 1 week

Integration with 3rd Party Vendor Applications: 1 – 2 weeks

Testing: 1 week

Content Population: 2-4 weeks

Training of Admin Staff:  1-2 days

Launch: 1 day

TOTAL TIME: 4-6 weeks/1-2 months



1.         PURPOSE DRIVEN DESIGN We bring our team extensive knowledge and experience in web design principles to your project; including artistic design, functional design and technical design. This translates into a site with:

  • Content that drives business
  • An outstanding reflective design of YOUR Business
  • Optimized and Responsive & Optimized loading and operating speeds.

2. Depth of Technology
Our staff is familiar with the latest in proven technologies. Our skills are wide and varied. We make recommendations based on what is best for our clients not what is easiest for us.

3. Understanding of Business
Our consultation services focus on matching your Internet needs to your business objectives. Web projects are started once we clearly understand how to incorporate your business goals into your Internet strategy.

5. Superior Value
Our consultation, design and production services are extremely efficient while delivering the highest levels of quality. Additionally, you choose the level of design and production to meet your budget.

6. Built Using Standards
We recognize that our clients want to own their Websites and want the flexibility to move them if they choose, without problems due to proprietary code, copyright limitations, etc.

7. Consistent Customer Service
OCSiTEMASTERS’ consistent and responsive customer service is one of the qualities that set us apart from the competition. We generally return phone calls and emails within the hour. The result? The peace of mind knowing all your requests are taken care of within 24 hours.

8. Our Client Centered Delivery Model is a rigorous and well-defined process to reduce project costs, minimize development risk, speed time to market, and deliver secure, reliable Web solutions. The result? The peace of mind knowing your project will be done right the first time, on time, and on budget.

9. Holistic Turn-Key Approach
Along with our quality, team, Client Centered Delivery Model, and rapid response customer service, our clients love the fact that everything they need is all in one place.

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